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Flying Commercial vs Private Nowadays

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The aviation industry was one of the first and most affected industries by the COVID-19 pandemic and with countries going back to normal and airlines like Lufthansa having 50 percent of their fleet back in the air and KLM increasing their flights to 80 percent of the airline’s network in the next two months, demand for flights will increase gradually in the next period, but how safe is flying commercially?


Although airports are applying various methods to maintain distance between travelers, set new hygiene regulations, and spread awareness, it is still hard with that amount of daily passengers from around the world to keep a safe distance between travelers. However, when flying private, you skip all the hassle, all the wait, no long lines, nothing.


Even though the air in an airplane is replaced at a rapid rate it is still not guaranteed that it is 100 percent clean, on the other hand, you can enjoy your privacy in a jet of your choice, and with jet fuel prices declining it has become easier and more accessible to travel in a business jet.


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