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CharterPad’s Worldwide Charter Marketplace at NBAA 2019

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CharterPad's Worldwide Charter Marketplace at NBAA 2019

We’ve got Vegas on our minds and on our flight plan as we gear up for NBAA 2019.

A Leading Business Aviation Event

Held every year in the U.S., the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) calls all business aviation professionals under one roof. In 2019, that roof belongs to the Las Vegas Convention Center at Henderson Executive Airport (HND).

Aviation is a wide, far-reaching industry. That’s why we find it so important to stay connected. What better way to touch base than at NBAA 2019? We can’t wait to touch down in Nevada!

Live Trip Alerts: Set It & Exit

While we’re at NBAA-BACE, our team is excited to be presenting the CharterPad platform’s latest features. One that we’re especially proud of is our Live Trip Alerts. We know how hectic the business of air charter can be. That’s why we designed this feature to help brokers and operators stay off the platform and keep their focus where it’s really needed.

Using CharterPad, it’s as simple as giving us your requirements and sitting back while the system searches for the best match. As soon as we find the right fit, real-time updates are sent directly to you by SMS, email and / or app notification. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve without being tethered to the platform.

Above all, each one of our features is created with the user in mind. Your convenience is our absolute priority.

Don’t Miss Us at NBAA 2019

During NBAA-BACE, our worldwide charter marketplace will be right at your fingertips. We’ll also be sharing special, limited time registration offers at Booth C11035!

Drop by the event in Las Vegas from October 22nd to 24th, or drop us a line at for more info.

About CharterPad:  CharterPad is a proactive and innovative flight search tool with a database of over 20,000 aircraft available instantly under one platform. Founded in 2011, the company continues to operate out of its base in Miami, Florida. Built by the Charter Professional, for the Charter Professional, our platform connects you with aviation peers across the globe. Easily search for flights, post fleet availability and find empty legs. For brokers and operators alike, CharterPad is your intelligent virtual assistant. For more details, visit