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Click Aviation Network Acquires CharterPad

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Click Aviation Network Acquires CharterPad

Global aviation network expands with acquisition of US-based charter platform

Dubai, 7 Jan 2019 – CharterPad, an online platform for air charter professionals, has been acquired by Click Aviation Network, a global network of aviation partners specializing in trip support services.

“This is an important step in our exciting journey. It enriches Click’s Collective Intelligence and places a network of opportunities in the hands of operators and charter brokers.”

–  Click Aviation Network Founder & CEO, Mr. Aiham Bader

CharterPad is an air charter search platform with headquarters in the U.S. The company was founded in 2011 and runs a member business model, promoted as The Global Jet Charter Exchange.

CharterPad’s platform enables operators’ available fleets to appear on the Trip Board, a proactive and innovative flight search platform that allows users to filter by trip types, dates, and route. In addition, other features of the tool include virtual assistance, trip alerts, aircraft search, company profile access and an airport locator.

Meanwhile, with a live database of over 20,000 aircraft available worldwide for charter and cargo, CharterPad offers versatile digital solutions to charter brokers and operators through one, user-friendly platform.

“We are certain that Click Aviation Network and its Omega technologies will greatly benefit CharterPad members, as well as the entire ecosystem as a whole. We are proud to be building upon a foundation that will serve the aviation community for years to come.”

–  Click Aviation Network Co-Founder & CIO, Mr. Ehsan Shaheen

Likewise, CharterPad’s buyer, Click Aviation Network, developed a similar platform in 2016, called Click Omega. While this platform also offers a database of information in one location, Click Omega takes this concept one step forward. This is achieved through the added value of Click’s networking concept.

“We celebrate the recent acquisition of CharterPad by Click Aviation Network, as we bring these two companies together to allow our clients to expand beyond the shores of the United States and enable a direct link to every charter operator, broker, FBO, ground handler, catering company and other aviation professional that is within Click’s network.”

–  CharterPad CEO, Mr. Jason Johnson

Click Aviation Network is built on the concept of global connectivity in the aviation industry. Above all, the company enhances efficiency and reduces risk through innovative solutions. Therefore, users gain access to a network of aviation professionals through Click Omega. Subsequently, within the platform, players utilize their combined expertise to carry out aviation activities at greatly reduced costs. In short, this includes flight planning, ground handling, aircraft charter, catering and other operations.

As a result, acquiring CharterPad expands Click’s ability to serve the North American market. This move also enhances CharterPad’s existing capabilities and potential for growth in the coming years.

“We couldn’t be more excited about joining forces with Click Aviation Network and to accomplish our shared vision of connecting the private aviation industry through intelligent technology. Their expertise in creating operational efficiency will only enhance our service offering for our members buying and selling aircraft charter around the world.”

–  CharterPad President, Mr. Armando Antonini

Furthermore, CharterPad’s current customers will see improvements in the existing system with a new layer of artificial intelligence software. However, the transition will be seamless, with no major disruptions or loss of existing data for CharterPad users.

Mr. Jason Johnson and Mr. Armando Antonini, CharterPad’s current CEO and President, will remain on the CharterPad board while welcoming Click CEO Mr. Aiham Bader as Chairman and Click CIO Mr. Ehsan Shaheen as CTO.

About Click: Click Aviation Network is a Dubai-based global network of aviation partners who offer an integrated array of services, from aircraft ground handling, aircraft ground support, international trip support, aircraft charter and route analysis to a revolutionary networking tool that empowers modern business. Click Aviation Network’s platform connects key players – including charter brokers, operators, suppliers and other service providers – bringing them under one roof to explore business opportunities, increase operational efficiency, eliminate risks, reduce costs and build credibility.

About CharterPad:  CharterPad is a proactive and innovative charter platform with a database of over 20,000 aircraft available instantly under one platform. Founded in 2011, the company continues to operate out of its base in Miami, Florida. Built by the Charter Professional, for the Charter Professional, our platform allows you to connect with aviation peers across the globe while easily searching for flights, posting fleet availability and finding empty legs. For brokers and operators alike, CharterPad is your intelligent virtual assistant. For more details, visit

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