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On your private dashboard, you will have customized views of the site’s main features, such as the CharterPad Trip Board, automated trip alerts and empty legs. Whether you’re a broker or an operator, you will always have quick access to begin your daily workflow.

Trip Board

Our Trip Board is the most proactive and innovative flight search tool in the industry, with thousands of active flights posted by charter operators and brokers. Here, you can filter by trip types, dates, and routes, with the ability to set up Trip Alerts. This feature acts as an intelligent virtual assistant, notifying you of any matches added to the board without so much as logging in! You can receive these alerts by text, email or both, providing a truly mobile experience.

Operator Profiles

Find operator information, such as contact details, available fleets with photographs, aircraft specifications, aircraft safety ratings and much more through CharterPad. Unlike other systems that provide only operator information, we provide a broker directory to empower operators to proactively reach out to brokers and provide fleet availability in a more efficient manner than email blasts.

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In the CharterPad platform, operators can view complete schedules of their fleet in a convenient and easy-to-digest calendar view.

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